Patricia Thompson

Vice Chairman

Patricia Thompson attended Hillsborough County Public Schools and earned her B.A. and M.Ed. degrees from the University of South Florida in Elementary Education and Educational Leadership, respectively. Mrs. Thompson served as a teacher and school administrator for 15 years with Hillsborough County Schools. Her strong leadership and dedication steered her to many opportunities during this time such as opening a new middle school, presenting at state and national educational conferences and participating in many large projects including the inception of magnet schools.

Since leaving the school system in 2002, Mrs. Thompson continued her mission to serve others as Event Coordinator for fundraising events, PTA Vice President, and member of the Board of Trustees at her children’s school just to name a few.

In April of 2014, Mrs. Thompson was selected to be the Executive Director of the Chris T. Sullivan Foundation where she oversees all policies and procedures of the foundation and works closely with Mr. Sullivan to ensure the mission and vision of the foundation are realized.

Aside from her work with the foundation, Mrs. Thompson continues to volunteer with various organizations and is on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the Veterans Alternative and ART International.