Mary Anders


Mary Anders ART TherapistMy name is Mary Anders, I’m a Licensed Psychologist and I have been helping people heal from trauma and loss for nearly 30 years. I have studied many modalities of therapy including EMDR, PBSP, Narrative Therapy, DBT, CBT, FBT and Equine Assisted Therapy. After learning ART 4 years ago, I found that my clients began to heal more quickly, sometimes resolving a major trauma in just a few sessions. Session after session, I felt amazed with what I was experiencing with my clients and blessed that I had a therapy that made such a difference in my client’s healing.

Now that I have used ART in my therapy for the past four years, I want to share this therapy with other therapists, so they too can provide for their clients what ART has done for mine. Many of my clients come to me after being in therapy for many years, having seen many therapists using different modalities of therapy. These clients are so thankful for ART and the healing that they get through it. Day after day, I get a heartfelt thank you for the work I do and the ways I am able to help through ART.

I have a private practice in Minnetonka, Minnesota where I see adolescents and adults with depression, anxiety, PTSD, complicated grief, OCD, phobias, addictions, eating disorders and relationship issues. I am passionate about my work and am very excited to bring ART to more people by training mental health professionals in my community and wherever there is a need.

In my personal life, I enjoy my family, friends, pets, good food, music, theater and I am always learning.

I feel thankful and honored to be part of this amazing group of trainers and I have deep gratitude to Laney Rosenzweig, Developer of ART, RCRR, IS-ART and ART International for their contributions to ART.