Nancy K. Montagna


Nancy K. Montagna, PhD is an ART trainer and a licensed clinical psychologist. She has had a private practice in downtown Silver Spring, MD for 40 years and has learned and integrated many approaches to psychotherapy. She has designed courses in Emotional Intelligence has trained health promoters in Latin America to run a program for domestic violence offenders.

She was happy with her work, but then, in 2015, she got trained in ART. ART is revolutionary, and challenged her many preconceived notions about how much time and relationship was required to produce the changes people seek when they come to a therapist. So, at a time when she might be retiring, she is very excited to spread this wonderful tool against suffering!

Nancy’s other interests include family and friends, nature, prehistory, dancing, health, gardening, and political activism toward a world where everyone has opportunity and basic security.