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Revolutionary Approach to Treating PTSD

By December 6, 2021January 16th, 2022News

ART is a revolutionary approach to treating PTSD, and it’s being taught to clinicians in the Portland area this weekend!

“It is excellent for PTSD, but is also excellent for more general concerns as well — depression, anxiety, stress, feeling of being stuck in your life,” said Julia Clowney, an accelerated resolution therapy trainer. “So this therapy is really helpful for many different situations, including all the things that have come up since COVID has started.”

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy® (ART) is an innovative, evidence-based therapy for both PTS and PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, and similar mental health issues. Do not let depression and PTSD continue to control your life ART is an effective PTSD treatment. Contact ART International to learn more about the therapy or to find a therapist near you.