Post Traumatic Stress And Trauma

Accelerated Resolution Therapy Rapidly Improves Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms.

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Learn what it's like to struggle with Post Traumatic Stress

post traumatic stress - PTS treatment
PTSD Treatment and PTS Treatment with ART Therapy
PTSD Therapy and PTS treatment

Diagnosing Post Traumatic Stress & When to Seek PTS Treatment

Lingering images of life-threatening or perceived life-threatening events that are stored in short-term memory can trigger physical reactions for many years after the event and may be diagnosed as post traumatic stress. Here at ART International, our team members are specialized in many forms of therapy, including PTS Treatment.

Visit your Healthcare Provider if You Answer Yes to Any of These:
  • Have your symptoms lasted for more than a month?
  • Have you re-experienced the event at least once?
  • Have you avoided situations to help manage your reaction?
  • Have you experienced a physical reaction or mood change when you think of the event?
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Psychological Disorders

Accelerated Resolution Therapy has also been studied and used to treat depression, anxiety, sexual and domestic abuse, obsessive compulsive disorders and other psychological ailments.


Whether it’s on the field or in the office, ART can be beneficial to reprogram traumas that can keep you from performing at optimum levels.

Client Testimonials

I experienced benefits after my first ART session, it has been the most effective therapy in treating and resolving the many combat related traumas haunting my daily life.

Jason, Army, OEFAfghanistan Veteran

In the few sessions I have had of ART, I have seen the intense responses to the triggers of my trauma dissipate. My feelings are no longer attached to the painful memories in my childhood. I no longer feel useless, I feel powerful. I no longer feel unworthy, I feel loved. Most importantly, I no longer feel suicidal. I feel alive.

StudentStarting Right Now

I was apprehensive at first (about ART) because I have never like talking to therapists., but with ART there was no pressure and I did not have to go into depth about my feelings and problems. Awesome results after just one session.

Mark, Air ForceVietnam Veteran